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Welcome to the TFS!

2017 has arrived, and it's time to renew your TFS Dues!

Some of you have had questions, so here are a few tips for managing your TFS membership online--if you want to! Please know that you are not required to pay your membership online. Many members prefer to send a check (or to call us and give their payment over the phone), and that's fine. This new system is simply an option for those who prefer to make online payments.

If you choose to pay online, you must log in to your account; after that, click on your name at the top of the page. You will be taken to your My profile page, where you can click on a button that says "Renew to January 1, 2018". Please DO NOT click on the "Join TFS" button simply to renew your existing membership, as that will create an additional account and generate a new password. You can also update  your email or address on your My profile page, or even change your membership level.

We sent emails to all members back in October of 2016, announcing the new website and providing temporary passwords so everyone could log in and check out the features available with this new platform. If you have not yet logged in, your password is probably no longer valid. Just holler at us in the main office and we can send you another password, which you can then reset to something you prefer.

Also, this is new technology, so please be patient; we're discovering little quirks here and there that need to be adjusted. One of them is the option to have automatic recurring payments. For now, we've deactivated that option, as it seems that it's "all or nothing"-- either everyone does it, or no one can. Obviously, some members prefer having automatic payments, but others do not. Rest assured that for now, if you've made a payment within the last few weeks, your account is current through 2017.

More information on this new website as well as the upcoming meeting will be coming soon in the January Newsletter

The Texas Folklore Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing the folklore of Texas and the Southwest.

The Texas Folklore Society is the oldest state folklore organization continually functioning in the United States. Founded in 1909, the Society held its first meeting on the campus of the University of Texas in 1911.The annual meeting takes place the weekend after Easter, when members read papers on a variety of folklore subjects. On Friday night there is a "hootenanny" and on Saturday night a banquet with an invited speaker or other entertainment. 

All sessions are open to the public.

Become a member today by clicking the Join TFS button above.

View highlights of our recent annual meeting!

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Upcoming events

Member Spotlight

The Member Spotlight for this newsletter features someone who has been a member of the Texas Folklore Society for almost as long as she’s been alive, Acayla Haile. You’ve heard the stories—how her parents brought her to the annual meetings while she was an infant—and you may have heard her give a paper at a recent meeting. Currently, she’s one of our newest Board members. 

Read our current Newsletter to read more about Acayla,  and to learn about other members and activities.

Join us in Tyler, April 21-23, 2017.

The Program Committee is still looking for more submissions for papers at next year's meeting in Tyler. Learn more by going to the Annual Meeting page, or click on the following link: Submit a Paper.

More details on the meeting will be in the upcoming January Newsletter. If you're not a member but would like to become one, just click the Join TFS button above, or contact our office directly.

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