You can find many Texas Folklore Society members at meetings of "sister" organizations, some of which reserve entire panels just for our members who give folklore-related papers. Other members set up information booths to share information about the TFS and our publications and activities. Please consider attending one of the following events of these organizations we support.

Upcoming events

    • October 27, 2018
    • October 28, 2018
    • Austin, Texas

    Dates for the Texas Book Festival have coincided with George West Storyfest for the past couple of years, but this year they've changed. Now TFS members can attend both events! We are, after all, "bookies."

    The main office is looking for TFS members who can help share information about the TFS with those attending one of the biggest "book" events in the state. Contact us in the main office if you plan to attend this event and would be interested in volunteering or, better yet, coordinating a group of volunteers who can man the TFS booth.

    Tens of thousands of book lovers gather to connect with authors and publishers close to the State Capitol. Go to for more information. 

    • November 02, 2018
    • November 04, 2018
    • George West

    The TFS is proud to once again help sponsor the George West Storyfest. Many TFS folks regularly take part in this incredible event, including Mary Margaret Campbell, Scott Bumgardner, Donna Ingham, and new member Andy Hedges.

    Go and experience campfire storytelling, chili cook-offs, and other fun events that center around the life of one of the Texas Folklore Society's most notable members, J. Frank Dobie. Learn more about all the activities at their website:

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