Fellows of our society

L-R, Joyce Gibson Roach, James Ward Lee, and Frances B. Vick in 2015
L-R, Joyce Gibson Roach, James Ward Lee, and Frances B. Vick in 2015

While we deeply appreciate and recognize the service and valuable contributions of our volunteers, leaders, and staff to the Society, we reserve the title "Fellow" for a few rare folks. Contributions by these individuals include promotion of the Society, recruiting members, fundraising, giving outstanding papers, writing for our publications, mentoring new members, and serving on our board.

When John Avery Lomax and L.W. Payne, Jr., were honored in 1941, it was said "In order to honor individuals who have done outstanding work for the Texas Folk-Lore Society and in the field of Texas and Southwestern folk-lore, the Society voted to make John A. Lomax and L. W. Payne, Jr., Fellows, it being understood that other names may from time to time be elected to the list." (Abernethy, The Texas Folklore Society, 1909-1943, Volume I, p263).

John Lomax, 1941
Leonidas Payne, 1941
J. Frank Dobie, 1961
Mody Boatright, 1968
Wilson Hudson, 1972
John Q. Anderson, 1979
F. E. “Ab” Abernethy, 2001
Martha Emmons, 2001
John O. West, 2001
Joyce Gibson Roach, 2005
James Ward Lee, 2005
Frances B. Vick, 2006
Lou Rodenberger, 2007
Kenneth W. Davis, 2009
Jim Harris, 2022
Mary Harris, 2022
Jean Granberry Schnitz, 2022
Robert "Jack" Duncan, 2023
Elizabeth Duncan, 2023
Lee Haile, 2023